About Us

Increasing demands on IT are forcing organizations to rethink their strategy. For many organizations, that means turning to the flexibility afforded them by outsourced cloud solutions, which provide cost savings and scalable computing power.

Cloud Services & Software

As a managed cloud provider, Astrellis offers a guided avenue into cloud computing technologies.

Our clients come to us for:

  • High-performance private cloud services for critical workloads and enterprise data
  • Proven solutions from Microsoft and Amazon, the world’s leading public cloud providers
  • Software for business continuity and productivity that allow teams to work from anywhere
  • Scalable enterprise web and application hosting, tailored to fit their performance, compliance and business requirements

Microsoft Tier-II Cloud Solutions Provider

As a CSP, we provide exclusive monthly billing, support, migration, on-premise integration and management for customers of any size across Office 365, Windows 10, and Azure product families.

Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner

We offers consultancy and operations management services to help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on the AWS cloud.

Industries We Serve

Beauty & Cosmetics

Capital Markets


Financial Services

Food & Beverage




Marketing & AdTech

Media & Entertainment

News & Journalism


Oil & Gas

Professional Services

Public Sector

Real Estate

Retail & E-Commerce

Travel & Hospitality

Schedule a meeting and we'll be happy to go over:

  • Assessment and Strategy
  • Software Licensing
  • Platform Essentials
  • Training and Onboarding
  • Security Best Practices
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)