Proofpoint Email Security

Proofpoint email protection gives businesses an extra layer of cyber security. Use it to safeguard your email from spam, phishing and malware while simultaneously helping to ensure compliance and business continuity.

Threat Prevention

Say goodbye to annoying spam, bulk mail, and graymail with granular controls.

Advanced Spam Filtering

Protect against leading threats such as malware, spoofing, and phishing.

Compliance Capabilities

Encrypt email, enforce DLP & set policies for accepted email use.

Detailed Reporting

Get full visibility of email data to address issues & threats proactively.

Schedule a meeting and we'll be happy to go over:

  • Assessment and Strategy
  • Software Licensing
  • Platform Essentials
  • Training and Onboarding
  • Security Best Practices
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)